Our process


Accessibility assessments can look like a daunting task, but we are here to make it easier! This page outlines the steps to get your business or building assessed and make full use of our accessibility consultation services.

Remember that if you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line – we’re here to help!


Step 1: To RHFAC or not to RHFAC?

Your first step is to decide whether you require an RHFAC assessment or not. So what is RHFAC?

RHFAC stands for the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ program, which seeks to provide detailed accessibility scores and reports.

Each report is based on standards set out by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), aimed not only at legal compliance but also the best practices around universal design.

In other words, RHFAC is a way to check your venue’s accessibility from a usability perspective.

Advantages of an RHFAC assessment include:

  • extremely detailed reports on the shortcomings and strengths of your venue’s accessibility.

  • approval and adjudication of your accessibility by Canada’s top-tier experts in universal design.

  • leverage to use the CSA-approved RHFAC report to seek grants, funding, and changes from landlords or municipalities.

  • increased value in your building or services.

  • the ability to showcase and advertise your accessibility, for promotional purposes.

Each RHFAC assessment has two mandatory fees:

  • The first is payable to the CSA, ranging from $1350 CAD to $2350 CAD (depending on the size of your venue). Spectrum Ability does not control or handle this fee.

  • The second is for Spectrum Ability to conduct the site visit and RHFAC review. This fee varies depending on your venue and needs, as well as the complexity of your buildings.

If you decide to use RHFAC: That is great! You will need to get an account at the RHFAC CSA Registry, and sign up your venue! Once that happens, there will be an option to choose your assessors – choose one of our assessors to get started!

If you decide that RHFAC isn’t for you: That is fine as well! We would be happy to look at your accessibility at our regular rates. The resulting report would not be as detailed as RHFAC or have a numerical score, since there is no fee paid to CSA or RHFAC to use their rating system.


Step 2: Book an appointment with us

After deciding whether RHFAC is for you, contact us to schedule a visit for your venue!

The main requirement is that there is an entrance without steps. After all, a single step would automatically mean that wheelchairs and mobility devices cannot enter!

Currently, Spectrum Ability’s main service area is Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. However, we can consider other areas of British Columbia and Canada (for an additional fee to cover travel expenses and accommodations).

Some of our assessors can also work internationally: currently, we can also offer assessments in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. However, special arrangements must be made for those due to the additional planning involved.


Step 3: Your site visit

After scheduling your visit, please provide the assessor with the following:

  • the building’s address

  • name and phone number of the contact person

  • any special instructions (such as parking)

  • if possible, the year of construction and square footage


Step 4: Sit back as we do the work

This is the easy part – at least for you! After the site visit, we will sort out the photos, details, and measurements and fill out the paperwork for your report.

For RHFAC assessments, this may also mean additional time for CSA approval. After approval, CSA will automatically send you the RHFAC report via email.

For non-RHFAC assessments, you will receive a digital copy of your accessibility report, as well as a paper copy of your report in the mail.

All clients (both RHFAC and non-RHFAC) will also receive a general list of common issues in our assessments, with advice on how to address them in future upgrades or renovations.


Are you ready?

If you’re ready to have your accessibility assessed or have any additional questions, please contact us!