RHFAC Matching Program

The Matching Program is available to those tenants that have current lease agreements with the Airport Authority for in-terminal space or land tenants. For the purposes of the Matching Program, in-terminal tenants include all commercial tenants that operate a commercial business within the Main (domestic and international buildings) and South Terminal at YVR. Land tenants are considered those tenants that operate a commercial business and lease land from the Airport Authority on Sea Island.

In order to participate in the Matching Program the Applicant would have to have completed the following steps:

a. Create an Organization account on the RHFAC Registry rhfac.csaregistries.ca

b. Register each Site (Select “Spectrum Ability” or alternative RHFAC Professional). CSA Group will invoice you directly for the Application Fee.

  • Schedule an on-site rating with a Spectrum Ability RHFAC Professional or alternative RHFAC Professional

  • Pay the associated fees for receiving the rating (See the Fees and Budget section for more details)

a. Application Fee (Required) - invoiced directly by CSA Group

b. RHFAC Professional Rating Fee (Required) – invoiced by Spectrum Ability or alternative RHFAC Professional

c. Labelling Fee (Optional)

Fees and Budget

The Certification fees contain three different elements:

  1. Application Fee (Required)

  2. RHFAC Professional Rating Fee (Required)

  3. Labelling Fee (Optional)


Application Fee

All participants must pay an Application Fee of $2,350. This fee is invoiced by and paid directly to CSA Group when creating a ‘Site’ on the RHFAC Registry. The fee covers the administration of the RHFAC Registry, the adjudicator’s review, confirmation of the certification rating, and the online RHFAC Registry public listing. Participants will not receive their RHFAC Scorecard until this invoice is paid to CSA Group.


RHFAC Professional Rating Fee

The RHFAC Professional Rating Fee is charged by Spectrum Ability to conduct both an on-site rating and complete the report to submit to the RHFAC Registry for adjudication. The entire process typically takes 6 to 22 hours, but may vary based on the size and complexity of a Site. Costs range from $1,200 - $2,200 depending on the size and complexity of the site. The following is a breakdown of fees based on Site size:

  • Small (Less than 5000 square feet): $1,200

  • Medium (5,001 – 21,000 square feet): $1,800

  • Large (More than 21,001 square feet) $2,200 and up


Labelling Fees (Optional)

When an organization chooses to publicly list its site on the RHFAC Registry, hosted by CSA Group, they may purchase plaques and/or window decals.



  • The maximum rebate amount available to an eligible Applicant under the Matching Program is $4,750 CAD.

  • The Matching Program applies to tenants that meet the following criteria:

    • The RHFAC rating must include the leased tenant space and key common areas of the site. The tenant is responsible for identifying the leased tenant space and the key common areas for a RHFAC rating.

    • Key common areas include: (1) the closest accessible entrance and route to the tenant space, and (2) the closest accessible washroom and the route to the tenant space. In the case that the tenant occupies a completely self-sufficient space, it is not necessary to rate common areas.

  • The Tenant is responsible for securing permission from the Airport Authority to undertake a RHFAC rating in the common areas. An authorized representative of the tenant must acknowledge it has received permission from an authorized representative of the Airport Authority in the RHFAC Registry before a rating is undertaken.

  • The tenant may display any certification labels within its leased tenanted space only. When a tenant obtains certification, it may opt to display certification window labels or plaques. In this event, the tenant must display its labels in the leased tenanted space only to avoid implying that the entire premise has been certified.

  • The tenant must continue to occupy the leased tenanted space. The Certification is valid for the period that the tenant leases or occupies the site.

  • An Applicant must complete this application form, provide the required supporting documentation, and acknowledge their agreement in the Terms and Conditions in order to be considered for a rebate(s).

  • Applicants are not entitled to re-apply for any additional rebates for a building or leased space that has already received a rebate under this Matching Program or any other previous rebate program that may have been offered by the Airport Authority.

  • Submission of an application does not guarantee that an Applicant will receive a rebate. All applications are reviewed and processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • The Airport Authority reserves the right to inspect and verify that a tenant’s site/location has been assessed by the Assessor in accordance with the Matching Program.

  • The Airport Authority will only issue a rebate to an approved Applicant once they have met all of the requirements of the Matching Program to the satisfaction of the Airport Authority. The Airport Authority may request that an Applicant provide additional documents prior to issuing a rebate.

  • In the event that an Applicant does not proceed with the Certification in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Matching Program, the Applicant shall be required to reimburse the Airport Authority for any rebates that may have been issued.

  • The Airport Authority does not assume any responsibility with respect to the purchase of any equipment or materials related to the results of the Certification by an Applicant and shall not be liable for any losses or damages resulting in any way from such purchase, use or installation any new elements prior to or post the Certification process.

  • The Applicant agrees that it shall conduct all necessary work required under the Matching Program in accordance with all federal, provincial and municipal laws, including obtaining a Facility Permit from the Airport Authority.

The Matching Program may be subject to change. The Airport Authority reserves the right to make modifications or changes to the Matching Program or cancel the Matching Program at any time.