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RHFAC™ accessibility certification

Our experts are professionals with the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) program, which operates in partnership with the Canadian Standards Assocation (CSA).

Each client receives an RHFAC score, which reflects the level of accessibility achieved for the building.

Scores are adjudicated by international experts in universal design, giving you the leverage to apply for grants, ask for change from decision-makers, increase the value of your business, and more!

In addition, each client receives a report detailing both the areas of improvement and success of the building’s accessibility features.


Accessibility consultation

We also offer consultation and feedback on accessibility features and projects. This may include items that aren’t being considered for an RHFAC score, such as transportation vehicles, tools of daily living, and buildings not being considered for RHFAC reviews.

Please note that for building assessments without RHFAC, reports will be less detailed and do not go through the CSA-approved adjudication process.


Disability awareness and education

It is easy to build ramps and elevators – but much harder to build cultures of understanding.

Our training and education programs are catered to each client’s specific goals and needs. We cover everything from disability culture to etiquette around people with disabilities.

We offer multiple formats to suit your needs – recorded videos, printed materials, webinars, live presentations, and more.

All material is prepared and presented by an experienced Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador or accessibility expert with backgrounds in classroom instruction or professional training.


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