celebrating abilitIES together.

Our dream is to make the world accessible for everyone.


Want to be accessible? Let us help.

Our team’s mission is to provide helpful input to make your building more accessible for people of all abilities.

We mainly serve Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, but if you need us to go farther, let us know and we can talk about it!

Our accessibility team is trained under the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) program.


Why be accessible?

Every day, there are more and more people with disabilities living active and independent lives. When they’re out and about, they want to access the same goods and services as everyone else.

Not only that, but they often bring along friends and family – and enormous spending power. In fact, this is the largest minority group in Canada and the world!

Wouldn’t you want to get in on that?


We’re more than just about accessibility.

It’s easy to build ramps. It’s harder to build a culture of understanding. In addition to our accessibility-related services, we also offer disability awareness training, presentations about disability culture, and more!

To inquire, please contact us with your goals and we can work from there!